Hi! I am Nitij

Full Stack Web Developer

About Me

I am a programmer, mentor, technological enthusiast, open source contributor, music junkie and fitness freak.

I live in Jaipur where I work on enterprise level software systems and web applications. I am a Computer Science graduate and I can make an entire application framework out of pure html and JavaScript and that is just the tip of the iceberg. My experience range from coding cool stuff in .Net Framework to making complex JavaScript libraries and writing about code and stuff. When I am not working I am either listening to music, playing games or lifting iron.

What I do

What I do and maybe can do for you


An Expert in programming in JavaScript.


Working in C# language for almost 6 years.

Html and CSS

Can create cool websites in Html and Css


Can work on most databases.

.Net Framework

Over 5 years of experience.


I write cool articles.


Read books and stuff.


Drink much tea and coffee...and beer!


Ride motorcycles like a pro.

My Side Projects

Get in touch with me and lets create something awesome!